Nowadays, after 70 years over 19 May 1919 which is Atatürk’s first step to found new Turkish State, some negative inner and foreigner powers that take courage from our not having Atataürk’s corporality now have climaxed their explicit and implicit attacks towards Atatürk’s reforms and principles. Even worse, they are in a struggle for shattering all those reforms and principles in the future with a planned and insidious operation.

In fact, Atatürk is not just a great soldier who rescued Turkish nation and country, whose independancy had fallen into a total danger, from the invasion of imperialist powers.

He is the one who,

Shatters all negative connections that threaten our independancy in every domain, especially in political, cultural and economical domains;

Founds Turkish Republic by making real the national sovereignity;

Rescues our society from instiutions and organisations based upon mentality of Medieval ages and sharia laws, by letting alone religious beliefs;
Guides us to be a modern and civilised nation, and keep this as a lifelong process;

Makes sovereign the secular thoughts based upon reasoning; secular law; and secular educational system in community life;
Paves the way for all the freedoms, civil rights, a Social Law State and pluralistic democracy;

Abolishes the man-made inequality by doing justice for Turkish women who have been treated like a second-class humanbeing for centuries and by making them humanbeings and citizens who have equal rights and equal honour with men.

Makes the public real master in not only political domain but also in economical and social domains by opposing each kind of internal and external exploitation ;
Regards welfare of each citizen as reason and purpose of state;

Internalizes as a principle himself and have made the others internalize that the national economy should not be lead by the sweet will of the entrepreneurs, and in a rambling way only according to the mechanism of profit and competition but by the state itself to meet the requirements of the society and all of the citizens of the country;

Internalizes that Turkish citizens should be able to benefit from underground and surface treasure of the country and made the others accept it;

Creates a positive, constructive and modern Turkish nationalism and makes it one of the main principle of the state by objecting to rasism along the National Pact by arguing that any people who call him/herself as “turkish” are the turkish people in fact;

States that every citizen should be able to benefit from science , education and art and also raising people having liberty of thought, wisdom and conscience is as a foremost mission of the state;
Regards that purification and enrichment of Turkish language is a big social mission beside accepting new Turkish letters ( Latin Alphabet) , to be free from the cultural imperialism and to generalize the education;

Connects Turkish history with the root of modern people;

Condemns the offensive war, racism and violence in international relations and in the state itself by using the principle of ” Peace at home, peace in the world”;

Makes that the “mutualness rule” and the standard of ” being an honorable and equal member of the World Nations Family” is a indispensable principle;

And he is the one, who is the founder of a Modern State and sows the seeds of the thought of uniting all the human beings by highlighting that all of the nations are the parts of the Humanity Family.

Under these circumstances, the people who believes that Ataturk’s reformations and principles have the creative and enlightening power to solve the social problems of the country, have founded the” Atatürkist Thought Association” as they have felt the responsibility of the fact that the reformation and principle of him should be standing in the future and they need to be helpers and guards of this process.

Founders’ committee- May, the19th 1989